CSR News Suburu Promotes Its 4th Annual “National Make A Dog’s Day”

Suburu Promotes Its 4th Annual “National Make A Dog’s Day”

Subaru National Make A Dog's Day

For the fourth consecutive year, Suburu has re-upped its CSR campaign to create affinity with dog lovers and those who relate to being an underdog.

The newest installment of the National Make a Dog’s Day campaign is a television commercial called Long, Lonely Road which has already aired more than 2,800 times since its launch on September 26, 2022.

Total ad spend to date is estimated at $6.6 million, yielding 765 million television impressions.

The social-purpose commercial is running primarily on national TV programs, including the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, college football, as well as other national programs on ABC, CBS, NBC, Animal Planet, and Discovery. The commercial is also streaming on digital platforms including Hulu, Roku, and YouTube.

Long, Lonely Road

In the television commercia titled Long, Lonely Road, the background music conveys sadness and determination as the viewer sees images of geriatric, physically-challenged, and injured dogs. The voiceover says: “The older. The physically challenged. The last to be chosen. Shelter dogs with special needs face a far longer road to adoption. But Suburu knows that even the toughest roads can lead to the most amazing places. That’s why Suburu and our retailers created National Make A Dog’s Day to help all underdogs find homes. Suburu: More than a car company.”

National Make A Dog’s Day

Originally launched in 1999, National Make A Dog’s Day was invented by Suburu to “encourage everyone to do something special for their dog and think about adopting an Underdog from a shelter.”

This year, National Make A Dog’s Day will occur on Saturday, October 22, 2022.

During October 2022, aka Subaru Loves Pets month, Subaru and its retailers are donating $100 (up to $3,100 per retailer) for every pet adopted from hundreds of partner shelters across the United States. Last year, the ASPCA received nearly $2.4 million thanks to Subaru customers who chose the ASPCA when purchasing or leasing a new vehicle during Subaru Loves Pets month.

Visit Subaru.com/makeadogsday to learn more. You can help spread the word and share your own Underdog story by using the hashtag #MakeADogsDay on social media.

Affinity Marketing

Affinity Marketing occurs when a company associates with a cause (or another brand) to increase awareness and sales among customers with shared values.

Rather than publish an online directory of participating animal shelters, Suburu directs people interested in underdog adoption to contact their local Suburu retailer for information about on-site adoption events and referrals to participating animal shelters.

Directing potential dog adoptees to Suburu retailers presumably yields goodwill, test drives, and car sales. To that end, Suburu has partnered with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to offer the Suburu VIP Program. ASPCA donors at the Guardian or Founder level can qualify for special (discounted) pricing when buying or leasing a Subaru vehicle.

“Our Subaru community is incredibly passionate about animal welfare, and together with our retailers, we’re proud to help make the world a better place for pets everywhere,” said Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Subaru of America.

Suburu creates affinity with dog lovers using non-CSR advertising too, including Suburu’s long-running Dog Tested. Dog Approved. campaign. Here’s a representative example, where dogs “approve” the Suburu Forester Wilderness for off-roading:

Suburu’s dog affinity branding in both non-CSR and CSR messaging was integrated from the start, in this 2019 Suburu commercial (primarily for the “all new Suburu Outback”) which helped launch the first National Make a Dog’s Day:

Earned Media

National Make A Dog’s Day generates free, earned media for Suburu and its retailers. For instance:

  • Fort Campbell’s Leaf Chronicle (part of the USA Today Network) reported this glowing testimonial: “We are so excited to once again partner with the awesome team at Wyatt Johnson Subaru to help us find new and loving homes for our homeless pet population. The Wyatt Johnson team reaches out to us each year and is as passionate as we are about helping pets find new homes. Thank you again to the Wyatt Johnson Subaru Family, Subaru, and the ASPCA for their contribution towards the adoption fees at Montgomery County Animal Care and Control,” said Dave Kaske, Director of Animal Care and Control.
  • The Idaho State Journal reported that: “Pocatello Animal Services is partnering with Phil Meador Subaru for its fourth annual National Make A Dog’s Day… The annual event will take place at the Phil Meador Subaru dealership, located at 1437 Yellowstone Ave. in Pocatello, Oct. 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pocatello Animal Services will have adoptable animals on site and offer discounted adoption fees, thanks to Subaru.”


Suburu’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is conveyed through its Love Promise, which is the company’s “vision to show love and respect to all people at every interaction with Subaru.”

The Suburu Love Promise consists of five focus areas:

  1. Suburu Loves the Earth
  2. Suburu Loves to Care
  3. Suburu Loves to Help
  4. Suburu Loves Learning
  5. Suburu Loves Pets

National Make A Dog’s Day is a Suburu Loves Pets initiative. Suburu’s non-profit partners include ASPCA and BARK.

  • Subaru has donated over $33 million to the ASPCA, impacting nearly 104,000 animals.
  • Subaru and BARK have partnered since 2016 as part of the annual Subaru Loves Pets month to support dog adoptions.

Since 2008, Subaru and its retailers have donated over $42 million to animal welfare organizations, impacting nearly 350,000 pets.